The Huge Colossus Radio Control Helicopter

Get ready for the major leagues against the Colossus Gyro remote-control helicopter. But don’t permit the dimension of this chopper intimidate you, it is constructed to be employed by flyers of all skill levels and ages. The big and cumbersome size is especially appealing for first-time flyers. It does not possess identical ability to do tricks and stunts as some other similar units, and it’s missing a few of the complex flying attributes, for example ultrasound alarms.

This creature chopper features one back motor for precision movement, so when most Gyro RC choppers do, it comprises increased firmness to ensure you’re time traveling is invested just on flying instead of worrying about striving not to mess up your investment using a crash landing. When it comes to direction, it can just about take action all, moving forward, backward, up, left, down, proper and hover.

The radio controlled helicopter is missing a few of the more sophisticated features that some other related versions offer. It can-not perform a number of the stunts, like figure eights and barrel rolls, that other choppers perform easily. Also, there is no cam no detectors, and you’ll not hear audio alarms prior to a crash

The Colossus comes ready to fly right from the box, no assembly needed. Instead, simply snatch eight AA batteries and you are willing to fly the world’s largest Gyro remote-control helicopter. You’ll even have the ability to fly in style as a result of the current layout and LIGHT emitting diode lights which make flying in the dark a gentle wind.

The hard -shell outside is made from a hard plastic polymer that enables the chopper to remain lightweight and still shields the engine along with other essential parts. There are consistently crashes when learning to fly a remote-control helicopter involved, and with the Colossus Gyro possible rest assured it is likely to have the ability to crash and nonetheless fly

Both kids and grownups will love flying this chopper. It is very easy to use, but the controls are precise enough to permit you to check out complex twists, turns and tips.. Also, a really helpful hint is that in case you locate your chopper is not flying forward as fast as you desire, try fitting heavier batteries to the chopper to give it additional momentum.

With every half-hour of charging time you will get approximately ten minutes worth of flight time, therefore ensure that you fully charge the battery before take – off..

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