Glasgow Is The Rc Enthusiasts Dream Play Ground

Remote control products have become in reputation over the last ten years. In the booming business in the Great united States of America to the bustling hobbyist neighborhood in the United Kingdom – RC racing, traveling, sailing, warring and several other sorts of RC-ing are as well-liked as

Here in Glasgow, Scotland – remote-control sailing is the sport at Elder Park pond. Located right across from Govan shipyards, the old sailors and ship builders turn up in their numbers on a Sunday day with their RC destroyers, frigates and aircraft carriers.

The younger ones turn up with much faster remote controlled speed boats.

Over from the river Clyde a far more exciting and more competitive RC activity is under way. Remote control monster trucks roar over hills thick with grass, mud and rock in high octane racing games.

These RC monster trucks spew smoke from your exhaust pipes, fumes of smoke created by nitro fuel petrol that power the beasts of RC. Groups of spectators gather around the hill to observe as the pedals proceed to the metal and speed off down the track over lumps and bash over originators filled with wheel deep pools. Monster truck racing to the banks of the Clyde is amazing sport for youthful and old as is the spills of yachting in the pond

RC autos is another sport loved by numerous hobbyists in Glasgow. Over at Renfrew park race track is a large race track created particularly for remote-control racing, whether that be roadsters, nitro buggy’s, brushless rc autos or branded replicas, anything-goes at Renfrew Park race track..

So whatever RC activity you like, Glasgow provides the outdoor ponds, race tracks, venues and even parks for flying little or large rc helicopters. A hobbyists heaven.


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